A Forward Looking Identity

As individuals most of us are trying to project positive identity. We often try to project part of ourselves onto those around us. Most of the time we ignore or downplay our negative aspects. This creates a situation in which our perceived self-identity is defined only by certain characteristics. This too happens within groups.

When we think of groups or organizations of people they’re often defined by the positive imagery that they are perceived to have. A problem arises that group is demonized by others. Those positive aspects are no longer a part of the group identity and they become supplanted with negativity.

This is the situation that whites are faced with. We have had our positive aspects removed from our identity. Now you can point to a vast amount of reasons for this. Those are not relevant.

The search for a positive identity begins with each and every white individual. Our job is to first bring ourselves out of the slavery of the modern world. We have to remove the parasites of television, mass media, and tolerance. Once we have improved and reshaped ourselves, then we are faced with a population of people that do not believe they have the moral right to survive as a people.

Our charge is to reignite the desire to be a people again. This will require using some re-configuring of identities that were left behind us. While each and every ethnic identity amongst our race is important, we must remember that it is our race as a whole that has created the modern world. We must come together and acknowledge our greatness for there is no one who will do that for us.

 In order to do this we must reconstruct white identity. We must acknowledge our group as a whole, but at the same time recognize the ethnic divisions within. The survival of our race depends on the unique contributions of each people. Our identity will be reshaped anew by the recognition of us as a people and the differences that make us grand.

No more of the altruistic European. We must tear down the altruism of our past. We must reconstruct pride from the ground up give me a compliment of our Collective ancestors. The division amongst country of origin should not matter. As a group we face obliteration. The past identities that that defines our race our history.

We must construct a new widespread approach that includes peoples from the United States, Europe, and anywhere else in the world. This new identity must put focus on achievement rather than failure. No more of the failures of the past, but as our forefathers, we look forward. 

Each and every white man, woman, and child must understand their place within the context of our race. We have to come together as a people looking forward, not backwards at the failures of our past. If this is not our goal we will surely fail. We do not need to place any more division amongst our race the media and others have already done. 

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