Further Thoughts on Blade Runner: 2049

Not long ago I gave some initial thoughts on the film Blade Runner: 2049.

When I write these reviews, I try to keep them brief without going very in depth as I’ve always believed in the cliche “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Having recently seen this film for a second time, though, I felt compelled to write more. I was moved so much more on my second viewing and noticed so much more subtext to it, especially after discussing it with my fellow writer here Evola Linkola.

I have to discuss the bleak existence portrayed in the film for our protagonist, K. The parallels you can draw between his life, if you can call it that, and the modern ‘wageslave’ are astonishing. Just going through the motions day-in and day-out at a job you hate. Having no meaning to your existence. Trying to find some special purpose for yourself. It’s almost depressing how you can connect it to modern life.

We don’t all find that thing bigger than ourselves that we can fight for like K did with the Replicants and their fight for freedom. We can very easily parallel that with the Alt-Right as well. Maybe you won’t see any victories from rallies, or sharing your words online won’t make a huge difference. But it’s a battle worth fighting, in the hopes that if not your children, then your children’s children will have a better world to live in. Where your grandchildren won’t be a minority in their own homeland like the Replicants are in theirs.

The final thing I wanted to touch on, and this hit me the hardest emotionally on my second viewing, was K’s relationship with Joi. Apologies in advance for any spoilers ahead. Joi was a hologram, designed to suit the needs of her owner. “Everything you want to hear, everything you want to see.” But the Joi that K knew had developed a personality, had almost become real. But was she real? She seems to have wants and needs, and real emotions. It raises the question of if she had a consciousness or not, or if she was just programming like the giant Joi K runs into right before the climactic fight with antagonist Replicant Luv. It’s a question that has no real answer, but it still makes you ponder on human relations, and the fantasy elements of technology.

That’s really all the more I wanted to discuss on this absolute treasure of a film. It moved me like few pieces of art, film notwithstanding, have managed to do. And it very easily moved itself into the spot as my favorite film of all time. If I didn’t recommend it in the last piece, I highly suggest watching this film. Whether in a theater or when it comes out on Blu-Ray, watch this film. I hope it moves you the way it moved me.


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