Optics: I Can’t Believe This is Happening

With the recent and I assume ongoing feud between many members of the so-called Alt-Right, I decided that it was time to break this issue down. Apparently as a movement the Alt-Right has lost or maybe even confused its message. We need to remember our message, then the importance of optics can be addressed in a real way.

Ignoring the manifestos, theories, slogans, and branding, if you are on the Alt-Right you are Pro-White. You support white cultures, ethnicity, religions, traditions, ect. We love the nations whites have built. We love the innovations that whites have made. We recognize that without whites the world suffers.

Now you may coach this as Nationalism for all or whatever, but when the rubber meets the road, you’re advocating for your race. This is the common thread that unites us. For whatever reason we forget this simple message.

While some of the Alt-Right is concerned with whether or not we should be associating with the Nazi larper types, National Socialist Movement, Traditional Workers Party, or a whole host of 1980’s White Nationalist group looks. What they are forgetting is the limited appeal our ideas have anyway.

Think about it, how many normies are you really going to get to say with conviction, “I am white and I love my people?” Not very many. Yeah, they may be sympathetic to our cause, but are they going to commit to it? Will they argue our points in public? Will they visit our websites and donate to the cause? No, they are not going to do any of this. Life for these people is too good to join something like this. They have it comfortable enough to fade into brown-ness.

Normies aren’t going to join us because it is costly to do so. If you want to gain normies support you need political power. Normies go with the flow. If the Alt-Right gains state power then we will have mass normie appeal. Not before, because we advocate for things that are hard to advocate for in our political environment. We have to shift political power to our favor.

I agree that Nazi paraphernalia is regrettable and looks horrible, but we should not be arguing with each other over it. Morons and feds will inevitably show up in Nazi paraphernalia. Don’t let them ruin this movement. I fear that the loose coalition, united by the idea of saving white, is in danger of collapsing over a very small number of people doing stupid shit. That means we that instead of focusing on what each member of our movement wears or brings to a rally, we should be focusing on the message.



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