So yesterday on a European holiday, eight people were mowed down by a crazed Muslim let in our country by an uncaring elite. While we were busy decorating and preparing for the Holiday, this prick was preparing to ram into a crowd of people. In light of this you would expect outrage over Muslim immigration.

Not from the media or the left or most conservatives. they instead mourn for the horrors of Islamophobia that is sure to occur.

In fact Trump did come out against the diversity visa program. While the program is goofy and people get chosen at random, attacking one small portion of the immigration plan isn’t going to help which I have written about here. The merit based system is not going to save the the white demographic decline or fix the people here.

Immigration isn’t the reason I am writing this. I am writing to tell you that voting isn’t the way forward. Trump is the perfect example of this. Many, many people claimed that Trump was the answer. Trump was going to fix the immigration problems. No more illegals, a wall, a Muslim ban, end DACA, and whatever else. He was the big orange answer to our prayers.

Trump even advocated for a Muslim ban in his campaign. This ban had support especially after the Orlando shooting. Then when a random court blocks it, he can appeal it in the supreme court if need be. Considering the president alone has control over immigration it’s an easy win. If Trump were truly the answer, he would have used this attack to ban all Muslims yesterday by EO. Instead he is playing wack-a-mole with countries and legislation.

In fact, he gradually changed his position on the Muslim ban until it was exactly what Obama did. Trump hasn’t delivered on immigration at all which was a huge issue for Trump voters. In 2018 alone the US is scheduled to get nearly 50,000 refugees. That is a drastic cut, yes. It is not enough.

Trump has failed on Obama Care repeal as well. He failed multiple times. There is not much more to say here. After failing his biggest two issues, he is going to give the donors what they want, tax cuts.

Maximum shock imagined!!!

At this point I’m sure you’ve realized that Trump isn’t going to change anything. The truth is voting isn’t either. Politicians including Trump just want to capitalize on white grievance without ever helping us. They want your votes, but will never fix anything.


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