Radical Atheist Terror: Rootlessness

By now the horrors of the shooting in Texas has been covered by about every outlet in the media. I think that most people are just using this to push their politics. Be it the left with gun control and muh white males, or the right with the guys with guns stop mass shooters. The fact of the matter is simple about thirty people were gunned down by someone who was rootless.

I have written about this a few times here on this blog. My friend in No Soul perfectly exemplifies the life of Devin P. Kelley. d. Just as Jamee has been lost in a world of consumerism, so too was Devin. Jamee however is not going to lose her mind. He lived in a neighborhood that was a multicultural mess. He married a Hispanic woman and had a Hispanic child and Jamee adapted some brown child. Both a betrayal to their identity.

Modernity has created an identity less people. This guys entire identity was as an atheist. He based his whole belief system on the absence of a religion. This leaves him in situation were he reacts to other beliefs in order to define himself. This leaves a person without any ideology, culture, or anything to hold him down. Giving Devin P. Kelley no reason to live or to live for.

He clearly has disdain for everyone and everything around him. His rootlessness led to his ruthlessness. Without any connection to the people around him. He is then able to to carry out these acts. The nihilism that is pervasive in our society is driving people insane.

This is in no way an endorsement or sympathy for Devin P. Kelley, but an examination of our society’s sickness. Devin P. Kelley is no good guy, but he is a symptom of our societies sickness. We have become empty God-less, cultural-less, Race-less, careless, and destructive people. Devin P. Kelley was more violent than the typical person.

We all try to use these types of tragedies in a political way, but the truth is these types of shootings our the fault of  the failing society we live in. Even the need for these tragedies to support our political ideologies is a symptom our failing society. We no longer feel grief for our country men, but we are so separated from our country men, that we feel no grief. Instead we want to win political disputes.

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