The One Year Trump-iversary

Trump’s one year as president is today. I personally imagined that this year would be glorious. I thought that this year would be much more interesting and fun than it actually was. The best part of the Trump phenomena was probably meming him into office. I imagine 2020 is going to be fun, but I honestly doubt it’ll match 2016 levels. More to the point, how was the first year?

The most positive thing I can think of is the pure rabid hatred from the Left. Trump has sent the Left leaning media, Hollywood, “News” sites, and every pundit besides a few into a frenzy. Trump’s presidency pushed these people into an insane spiral. You have people so gas lit they are discrediting themselves. The best has to be Keith Olbermann’s freak outs on Twitter. Seriously, go check it out right now. I guarantee you he is posting some shit about Trump’s one year.

The hatred from the Left was also amped up towards white people as a result of Trump. The best of this is Trump’s constant defense of our Confederate heroes. At every single turn Trump and his administration has taken up the task of defending the monuments to these fine men. Seriously, he literally defended people protesting at Charlottesville as some good and some bad people. That is seriously the best defense an elected official can possibly give.

Trump’s defense of Andrew Jackson has pissed off all the right people. Trump was defending Jackson throughout the campaign as well. The Left tries to attack Jackson over slavery and the Indian Removal Act which is done to hide the greatness of the man. Personally, I believe the attack on Jackson is due to his fight to keep America financially sound. Jackson paid off our debt and refused the dangers of fiat money. Let’s hope Trump is inspired by the man he defends.

Let’s not forget the slowing down of immigration either. Trump has done a remarkable job with refugees from the Middle East and illegal immigration. So there is that. His so called “Muslim Ban” did some damage to the legal immigration from the Middle East as well. He has done more than any other politician would ever have done.

Could Trump do more? Of course, he could have come out with a complete shut down on all immigration. That would have likely been stopped by some federal judge somewhere. So maybe this is the best course? Not entirely sure here, but it’s Trump’s first year. A little optimism?

Immigration won’t save us. The  birthrates alone have whites as a minority by 2050. So we need Trump to give us some economic encouragement. In come the tax cuts and Obamacare legislation. Now neither of these has been finished, so I don’t want to condemn or celebrate either one of these. Looking at this from a White Identity point of view Trump is attacking immigration and birthrates, which is incredible for us.

Also, let’s not forget the attacks on the heroin epidemic. I have covered this, but the heroin epidemic is a white thing. This epidemic strikes Appalachia the hardest which will be helped by the deregulation to help coal. He also removed the government subsidies for the region. So this is kind of up in the air. I am assuming he is going to help, but I do not know. Regardless, a crack down on the heroin epidemic is a positive for Whites.

On the first Trump-iversary, I would like to ignore the bad things from the Trump presidency. Unfortunately, I cannot ignore the fact that he hasn’t followed the Coulter plan of the first 100 days. So no wall. Which is an extreme disappointment.

We cannot forget the fact that we are still getting the refugees from the Middle East. Which was reduced to 50,000, so there is that. This shit should be zero.

All in all, the Trump presidency so far is a far cry from anything I have ever seen. It is extremely positive in many ways. I am glad he won for many reasons. I think sometimes on this site I attack Trump too much, but there is a lot going on with the US and Whites in general. We are running out of time demographically and it feels like things are taking too long. Overall, Trump has been a positive to the culture of the US. Let’s stop being scared and start taking a stand.

It’s okay to be white.

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