The Virginia Gubernatorial Election Should Wake Up the GOP: It Won’t.

On November 8th I woke up and heard that Northam won the Virginia gubernatorial election. This was supposed to be a very tight race. The preliminary polling showed it to be so. I thought it was too. Northam won the race with 53.9% and Gillespie had a meager 45%. Hardly any of the polls predicted this. At an 8.9% margin of victory Northam destroyed Gillespie.

I was excited over Gillespie’s comment’s concerning the statue removal.

“Ralph Northam has said he will do everything in his power to take down statues that are under the control of our state government, like the Jackson Statue at [Virginia Military Institute] and the Lee Statue in Richmond,” he said. “As governor, Ed would not take those statues down, and believes they should be placed in historical context.”

“He feels the same about statues in our cities and counties, but believes those decisions are best made at the local level. Further, while Ralph Northam wants to use our limited tax dollars to take down monuments, at a cost of millions, Ed believes those resources would be much better spent on improving our schools, rewarding our hard working teachers and police officers, and building new roads. It’s a matter of priorities.”

The Hill

While this is rather bland, I support anyone who defends monuments to our ancestors. This little bit got Gillespie in a bit of trouble with the anti-white left and cucks. He justified his position by just saying he doesn’t want to spend tax dollars on the removal of a statue. This upset people. Yes, not wanting to spend tax dollars is an issue. This is insane.

The best example of the anti-white lunacy aimed at Mr. Gillespie came after he ran a series of ads condemning MS-13 and Sanctuary cities. Which then prompted the dumbest political ad ever. They used every single white conservative stereotype possible. This is their mode of operation. They make conservative whites look dangerous to ramp up the minority vote.

The democrats won, because they have and are stacking the deck against whites.

The Washington Post

Screenshot 2017-11-08 at 5.23.30 PM

This is the game democrats play. They bring in people to vote against whites. Virginia is 62.4% white. They were 67% of the voting base and Gillespie still lost. All the republicans had to do was appeal more to whites.

The funniest part of this is that The Latino victory Fund has announced that it is going to double down on ads like the truck one. The left are preparing to ramp up their attacks on whiteness. They know what they have to do to win.

Look GOP, the Left is smart enough to play identity politics. They have built an entire voting base out of it. They appeal to each immigrant group’s identity. They pledge to protect their interests. They give them more resources. They give them more access to institutions. The democratic party has built a party on the identity of the minority. If you are truly the opposition to the democratic party they would use the same tactics with their voter base, whites.

I know that the GOP will never use these tactics. They will never act in the interests of whites. They are controlled opposition. We are losing our country at a rapid pace and all the GOP does is talk about tax cuts every single time they win an election.

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