Night of the Luciferian Light

After what seems like entirely negative black metal reviews this month so far, I think I may have found a modern black metal release that I enjoy. I had to do some heavy digging, as these guys aren’t being given a top trending push by Bandcamp, but Finland’s Malum seems like the real deal. Kids who were clearly influenced by Emperor, Gorgoroth, and their Finnish brother Beherit.

This album is just everything I look for in black metal. Tremolo picking guitar, riffs that sound fucking evil, lyrics about Satan. It’s all here. I think one of the major differences between these Finns and a lot of their modern black metal counterparts is how they’re able to fully flesh out an idea. Take, for example, the track “Perdition.” That main riff, as sick as it is, plays throughout most of the track. It carries the track, only really changing for a chorus and a passage somewhere near the middle of the track. They fully develop that riff and let it consume you, only changing at the exact right time. Just masterful work.

I’m loving the drum sound too, which can lead into my point about the production of this album. It sounds like black metal should sound. No high dollar production here; this sounds like it was recorded in a pitch black dungeon. The toms on the drums are so deep and full, which was always one of my favorite parts of black metal production. The vocals don’t overpower the rest of the music in the production; they’re right where they need to be.

This is just a really good album, in my opinion. These Finns really know what they’re doing; you can tell that they are true students of the game and have a deep love for that second wave of black metal. If you check out no other black metal this year, make sure you listen to this one.

I give Night of the Luciferian Light a 3.5/5.

Check it out on Bandcamp here. 

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