The boomers are at it again

The boomers are at it again. I was driving home the other day. In between Xurious and TRS podcasts I listen to the radio, and on the radio this boomer goes on a 15 minute spiel on how a local NFL team’s play calls could have changed the outcome of the game. Then he went on to say that this game could’ve turned their season around. All in all, this waste of space spent around 25 minutes bitching on radio about a football game. Now that I think about it, why did I listen for so long? Probably just to piss myself off to write this.

Seriously, I cannot think of a bigger waste of time than to sit on your ass all day and watch giant men with no connection to you or your community beating the piss out of each other. How in the fuck did this guy put together a bit for the radio that lasted that long? How far down in the NFL rabbit hole do you have to go to be able to prep a bit like that.

There is no way these so-called sports gurus are remotely in shape. Every one of these people who come on the radio are always talking about wasting their Sundays. You know they have the giant beer belly. They get winded by two steps on the stairs. They always smell like corn chips.They have a weird bald spot that they try to hide with a shitty hair cut.

I hate people who watch sports like this. Almost as bad as the annoying piece of shit at the gas station who keeps buying lottery tickets. You know the guy who always fucks the line up at the cash register. I cannot think of a bigger waste of a job than the sports radio announcer and commentator. I bet these guys would be the lotto ticket guys without their job.

Sadly, the majority of these people are white. Football is killing us. The spiritual death of the white man is gross. There isn’t a more soul-less race on the planet right now. Can we finally destroy this shit? Without football maybe they’ll wake up. Maybe read some Goethe.

I know they have finally got control of the inmates. There aren’t anymore kneelers or at least they aren’t on the news. I hope and pray that they start it up. Come on Colin Kaepernick, do more than magazine covers. Prove yourself. Tear down the NFL. You’ve got the entire BLM community behind you. I’m rooting for you. In fact your attempt to raise awareness among the community is helping me to raise white awareness. Congratulations on your citizen of the year award. You are truly my greatest ally in the war to wake-up whites.

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