First Impressions: Sweet Death and Ecstasy

For today’s review I thought I’d mix it up. Instead of a full album, I’ll give my initial thoughts on the first singles from an album that hasn’t released yet. This was fun when I did it for August Burns Red, so I’ll keep it black metal and dig into the first two singles from Midnight’s soon to be released Sweet Death and Ecstasy.

First up is “Crushed by Demons.” Right away I’m digging this riff. It’s crunchy and super old school. That tapping section afterwards is pretty sick too. This just sounds like some first wave black metal revival. It’s certainly not an original sound, but if I have to choose this or the endless stream of hipster “atmospheric” bands, I’m going with this. It’s got some balls to it. Like real early Bathory but played in the modern age.

Next is “Penetratal Ecstasy.” I’m digging the opening to this too. It sounds much more like Show no Mercy Slayer than the last track. This riff is pretty sick. This whole track is just breakneck pace. No blast beat drumming, though, which is a very nice change of pace this month. I really like the vocalist, too. His voice fits this style like a glove. That guitar solo was short-lived but pretty sick.

Well I think I’m pretty hyped for the album after hearing those two tracks. That was my first taste of Midnight too, so I may have to dig into the rest of their catalog now. Just some super fun, old school songs. They lean more towards speed metal, but again, that’s the first wave of black metal sound in a nutshell. Good stuff. I definitely recommend it if you want something with some balls.

Check them out on Bandcamp here.

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