Terrorist Propaganda

After perusing mainstream media sources this morning, I happened upon a gem on CNN. It’s a little two minute piece that covers some Isis propaganda making a call to its followers to attack Saint Petersburg Basilica during Christmas. The poster itself is rather shocking to look at. You have a man in sun glasses with a black cloth wrapped around his head inside a car with a gun. The Saint Petersburg Basilica is in the view of the car. Underneath this it reads “Christmas blood so wait…”

It’s quite the propaganda piece. It serves as a stark reminder that our most sacred holidays in the west will be bloody. My children will grow up in a world where people getting killed and maimed at a festival on Christmas is the norm. The fact that a group such as this can even make credible threats to such a sacred place is surreal.

The Basilica stands as a pillar of Christianity to the entire world. It is remarkable that Islam is able to strike fear into the heart of this place. What makes it ridiculous is that the pope has even made this possible with his rhetoric concerning the migration crisis.  On a symbolic and even spiritual level Christianity is as good as dead in the hearts of man.

The analysis for the video even admits that ISIS sees this as a battle of civilizations. The horrifying part about that is that the west doesn’t. We think that these people don’t represent Islam. We believe we are helping migrants by allowing them in our countries. They see it as it really is: a take over.

Then he goes on about how Isis has been defeated on the battle fields of Iraq. Which is a shocking revelation considering we still are dealing with these people. He glosses over the fact that our own governments have allowed ISIS to permeate our borders. Which means that through the policies of these governments they have allowed for the continuation of ISIS.

By all accounts this is an act of serious treason. All western governments have allowed a terror organization to escape defeat into their countries against the peoples’ will. It is a disturbing thought indeed.

Then the video continues; they mention how the Vatican security is super tight. It goes on about how safe the Pope should be. That the guards have to allow him to do what he does, and that going into the crowds is dangerous for him.

The whole time they say all of this, I feel like I’ve been punched in the face. Seriously, these people are going to complain about the safety of a man who is protected by armed security guards and his own army. I don’t wish the Pope harm here, but it seems a bit insane to tell us the Pope is in danger from the diversity he has preached. All the while he is in a god damned fortress.

CNN and every other news organization spend all this time condemning anyone who says they are fearful of Muslims. They lie about their crimes. They hide their intentions. Now that their diversity has come for one of its ministers in his ivory tower we must fear for him.

I don’t fear for him, I fear for the normal people of the west. I fear for the people without protection from these lunatics. I fear for the people they lied to about this situation. I fear for what happens to my people when their lunatic plan of diversity comes for me, not you.

This video was intended to make us fearful of ISIS. It was meant to make us wonder if Christmas celebration is safe. I hate to say that it may not be, but I’d rather die with my ancestral traditions than to be a hollow consumerist piece of trash ruled by Muslims

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