Allegiance To The Other

So Trump has added fuel to the NFL’s rating dumpster fire this week by addressing Marshawn Lynch in a Tweet.


Call it based or whatever, but it shows a misunderstanding of the bigger picture.

The big take away is that Marshawn felt the need to sit during our National anthem and stood during the Mexican Anthem.  To me this highlights the current state of affairs in America. Politics are nothing more than non-whites coming together against whites.

This phenomena goes entirely unnoticed by white people. Blacks, Hispanics, and all other non-whites know it. They are united in overthrowing whites. Marshawn stood in solidarity with his minority brethren. Marshawn as an American black has more in common with the average Hispanic than the christian white nation that is America.

This is the future of the US: blacks, Hispanics, and every other non-white band together while whites don’t even realize what is going on. At least until they are outnumbered. Liberal whites tend to cheer this. Conservatives and the other right-wing groups all ignore it or pretend that identity politics is destroying this country. All the while the right is being destroyed and reshaped into Brazil.

When a group is forced into a situation where they are the minority, they will resent the majority. Then when there are multiple minority groups they will feel a connection in their resentment. This creates the type of behavior that Marshawn Lynch exhibited on Sunday. There is no mystery here.

This tweet feels as if it is Trump throwing his hands up, because he denies the racial part of this. He honestly believes that this is an issue of not being patriotic. He and all the other retards in the conservative movement believe this. This kneeling phenomena has really highlighted how useless these people are.

The boomer-teir conservative types will never solve any issue, because they lack an understanding of the racial dynamics in a multi-racial society. These groups aren’t white people, you can’t expect them to respect white symbols. They need their own. Whites need their own. Separation is the only solution.

Until we rid ourselves of these people and their thinking, we will never succeed in this. They are too stuck on the America with a completely different demographic make-up. We need leadership who will face these facts, if whites are to survive as a unique people.



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