Go Be Forgotten

We’re at the final stretch of Nothing but Black Metal November. It’s been a rough time doing this for you guys, and I probably won’t listen to black metal for a long, long time after this, but finding all this new music and revisiting old classics has been pretty rewarding. I hope my torture this month has been fun to read, and I hope you discovered new music here with me.

This time I’m gonna discuss the latest Krallice, Go Be Forgotten. I’ve reviewed Krallice on the blog before, but this release is much different from Loum. This feels so much colder and grim; even the cover art just looks like winter seasonal depression. Musically it sounds like black metal, but with Jacob Bannon of Converge yelling in the background. That sounds goofy as shit, I know, but it’s the best way I can describe these vocals. They’re so pushed to the back of the production that it sounds like someone yelling from a cave. It’s so weird.

The guitar work on this release is exceptional. Not exceptionally creative, mind you, but I can’t deny the talent on display here. My problem with this release, and Krallice in general really, is they can’t decide what they want to be. The first track, “This Forest For Which We Have Killed,” is pretty straightforward atmoblack metal. The following track, “Failed Visionary Cults,” sounds like a really bad rip off of Dillinger Escape Plan. And then they follow it with ANOTHER track that sounds like black metal. There’s no consistency going on here. Which I suppose should be expected when they drop this a month after their last release.

The production on this release is probably the worst thing about it. Even for black metal standards this is bad. I’ve already discussed the problem with the vocals in the mix, but everything else is a garbled mess too. The drums are incomprehensible, the guitars sound like trash. Maybe this was a stylistic choice on their part, and I guess I respect that. I just don’t really get it. There’s an art to black metal trash bag production, and this just doesn’t get it.

Basically, I don’t enjoy this release much at all. It just sounds like these guys didn’t really know what they wanted to create here. Maybe they should’ve taken more than a month between releases to brainstorm and come up with a coherent concept for an album. That’s just my idea, though. Maybe there’s some artistic shit going on here that I can’t comprehend? Or maybe it’s just a mess of a release.

I give Go Be Forgotten a 2.5/5. It’s on their Bandcamp here.

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