Thanksgiving Conversation

For this year’s Thanksgiving, we went to my wife’s great aunt’s house. Upon arrival I thought it was going to be the usual Thanksgiving fare. You know, the dinner, dessert, and good ole sportsball. Typically her family is fairly mild when it comes to political discussion or anything contentious. All in all I expected a relaxing boring trip. I was more than happy to have one day where my almonds weren’t activated by some retarded political situation or to see my race further destroyed.

When we walked into the house we were promptly greeted by the usual horde of aunts, uncles, cousins, and even dogs. Tables had been made and food was ready to go. We all sat down and ate. The normal compliments on the cooking and catching up with each other. Upon receiving desserts, I was asked what my job is. This sparked some scientific discussion over ancestry.

Apparently, my wife’s aunt is huge into following her ancestral roots. In fact I had the most interesting conversation with this woman over the course of 3 hours. We discussed genetics, history, human evolution, and genealogy. She had done an ancestor DNA test done through National Geographic. The test that tracks your mitochondrial DNA haplogroups.  All in all, I had the most interesting conversation with a 76 year old women.

So her aunt is old enough to remember what life was like without TV and smart phones. Instead of watching TV, she had to make conversation and be sociable.  Which got me thinking about how much the art of conversation has gone by the wayside.

Think about the way a typical American Thanksgiving goes. You avoid talking about politics, because you don’t want to alienate family members. Sportsball is so black it’s unbearable. Your family probably has shit music taste and avoids books as well. You are in a position where talking to people is a challenge, but we have to remember that these people are the most susceptible to our red pilling.

Getting better at the lost art of the conversation can truly be our greatest ally. Through out the course of our talk I was able to teach this lady about racial IQ differences, European history, population genetics of disease, and even some basic genetics. The point is that through a simple conversation with someone you can red pill. It is all about the tactics you use.

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