Kong Vinter

Well, we finally made it; the last day of Nothing But Black Metal November. I have never been so relieved to write a review. After this is through, I think I’ll have to take a solid couple of months break away from black metal. So I hope you enjoyed this month’s content, as I won’t be recommending or reviewing black metal for some time just to regain my sanity.

Today I’ll be covering Taake’s latest offering, Kong Vinter. Taake hails from Norway and has been in the black metal game since 1993. Sadly he didn’t release any real music until 1999, so he completely missed the boat on the notoriety of the Norwegian second wave of black metal. It may have been for the best, though, as his music is so subpar that it would have been completely lost to the ether amongst the wave of classics released back then.

There’s nothing really bad about this album. The riffs are decent, the production is just right where black metal should be, the drums compliment the music well enough. It’s just that nothing here really sticks out all that well. It’s hitting all the notes that black metal should in my eyes, it’s just doing it to a degree that it seems really mediocre. There’s not one track, or even a riff here, that particularly stands out; it just sort of is.

Another complaint, and this is a major one, is there is zero flow to this album. Songs seem to just come and go, but they don’t compliment each other. “Inntrenger” leading into “Huset i Havet” doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense when you listen to it. It doesn’t feel like a whole lot of thought was put into the song order. Taake just threw darts at a wall and that’s how he decided; at least that’s how I imagine he did it.

I mean, I guess I shouldn’t complain all that much, though. It’s not really a bad album, and compared to a lot of what I reviewed this month this is an all-time classic. There’s just nothing about the album that really stands out. It’s fine for what it is, but don’t go in expecting anything other than mediocrity.

Kong Vinter gets a 3/5.

Check it out on Bandcamp here.

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