Will Nationalism Save Us?

The fact of the matter is that whites as a race are a minority in the world. We are a global minority by a large margin. While we hold power in the world in countries that are majority white, we are a minority. A hated minority.

Whites will be a minority in their own countries in a matter of a generation. That means that whites will lose sovereignty over their traditional homelands. Once that happens our fate is literally no longer in our hands and probably isn’t in our hands now. The fate of whites in their ancestral homelands is very bleak. Whites will be a minority in the US in 2050.

The nationalist says that America will break apart due to its multi-racial nature, but if only whites want separation and the other racial groups are still united in hatred as they are now, those whites are not going any where.

Furthermore, if the US splits into separate nations whites will be giving up a ton of power. If you’re a true nationalist you believe that we should be split up based on ethnicity. Breaking each white ethnicity apart into their own ethnic category and dismantling power structures that were built by whites will remove us from power at a global level.

Nationalism at this level is not enough to save whites. I know a vast majority of the Nationalist right may find this intensely triggering, but as a minority race in a majority brown world we have to come together. Now that doesn’t mean we erase our unique ethnicity, we just come together as brothers to save ourselves.

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