Jordan disappoints

Personally, I have enjoyed Jordan B Peterson’s work and I imagine I still will. As a professor, he has lead an inquisition against the Leftist garbage in our universities. Which is refreshing. This makes crictism hard for me, but Dr. Peterson has decided to attack the Alt-Right in a series of tweets.


The age old “only losers need to be proud of their race” argument. This is the most annoying and disingenuous argument leveled at anyone who is pro-white.

You only see this type of argument leveled at white people. We have to take pride in the material accomplishments of our own doing. We are supposed to ignore the glories of the past as we did not do them.

The question then becomes would you say that to black people? Would you dare say something like that to any other group?  No, you wouldn’t. The most ridiculous part is that whites more than any other group of people have accomplished the most. So pardon my pride, but whites are wonderful. Everyone wants to be in white countries because of it.


Here we go again with the insults and no interaction within the idea. Are Jews over represented in the media, academia, and Hollywood?

Does the Israel lobby have control over the US government?

I know you know the answer…



Another insult with no interaction with the ideas. Let’s be honest here, without whites the west would have never progressed as far as we have. Whites should be proud of their progress and add to it. We cannot have progress in the west if we ignore the people who brought us this far to begin with.

All in all, I like Dr. Peterson. I just cannot deal with this annoying attack on people who have informed their ideology with data and thought. Please, attack us on the ideas and not some insults.

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