Constipation of the Constitution: Kate Steinle Murder Trial

By now everyone has heard about Jose Ines Garcia Zarate,  who had been departed 5 times and was a seven time felon, being acquitted of Kate Steinle’s murder. He was only found guilty of being a felon in possession of a fire arm. This case has been a hot button issue for the illegal immigration debate through out its proceedings. You could argue that this murder was the lynch  issue to get Trump elected.

While the case was on going it served as a powerful argument against amnesty and an argument for the wall. This much is true and I totally agree. We also have to consider the disturbing amount of dysfunction within our own government to get this guy.

It would seem that California is  incapable of protecting its citizens from criminals, especially white people. This may seem like incompetence, but we have the data regarding illegal aliens and crime. So in order for them to allow San Francisco to become a sanctuary city for these people is inconceivable.

The most striking part of this matter is that an illegal alien is treated better than a law abiding citizen in Chris Cantwell. Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was allowed to go free after he committed murder, but Cantwell defended himself for that he has been in jail for three months on trumped up charges. A government such as this is beyond reproach.

Back to the case, the jury that acquitted Jose Ines Garcia Zarate had three immigrants in it. It’s funny how jury dynamics work, because all you need is a single person to be motivated to get someone convicted or acquitted and through attrition that person will win over the other jury members. With three immigrants on the jury I am sure at least one of them were motivated to get a fellow immigrant off.

This case is an example of the collectivist nature present in third world immigrants that threatens the very nature of American laws. This is one of the most visible examples of this phenomena. As the demographic decline of whites continues, we are going to watch our justice system continue to be turned into tribal interests. The jury of your peers is no longer going to mean a fair trial, but a guarantee of acquittal.

Increasingly, crimes against whites will be treated as non-criminal by juries of non-whites. As this is happening whites will lose more and more political power until our murder is legal. Good thing all of this will be constitutional. Nothing will be in whites’ control and our situation in America will mirror that of South Africans.

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