The WQ

I am not quite sure what sparked the debate on whether or not women should occupy positions in the Alt-Right, but here I go trying to navigate these treacherous waters.

My outlook on this issue is fairly simple: Women and Homosexuals do not belong in a political movement. Period, end of story. I say this because both groups have a nasty habit of allowing ideological disagreements to become personal.

Women are emotional people. They often think about how you said something and not what you said. Politics are literally the opposite of that. You have to be able to understand and evaluate what someone said, regardless if it was screamed or whispered at you. Thinking based on emotion has nearly destroyed the West as it is. Just look at the US once women gained the right to vote.

I can’t remember a single time I have had a political discussion with a women and it ended in mutual understanding. In fact, most of the time it devolves into her calling me names, or saying I have a small penis, or if it is online I am told I am an anime virgin. This is the most vile kind of political discussion that instead of moving us forward only serves to undermine our seriousness as a movement.

Sure these women make good material, bring new people into the movement or whatever else, but there are many more platforms and people who do a better job without the weird emotional baggage of being a women. I’m sure you and everyone else found their material compelling. I often wonder if it was due to them being women that we supported their efforts.

Women can eschew meaningful content creation based on the way they look. Should a movement use sex appeal to bring people in? Is that not dishonest and contemptuous? I came to the Alt-Right because the ideas being presented to me were well laid out and made logical sense. There were no bells and whistles to it. They didn’t promote someone because they were a woman or a homosexual. The Alt-Right required you to sit down and look at the future. I ignored the Alt-Lite because they used gimmicks to get views. They made up leads. They promoted people because they were black conservatives. We need to keep this kind of behavior at bay. Saying look at this strong woman on our side only creates that type of behavior.

Furthermore, if the women in question truly understood the basic tenants of the Alt-Right they would already be married and have children. It’s all well and good for women to understand the demographic disaster that whites face, but it is another for them to ignore it for patreon payments.

Part of becoming Alt-Right is to understand the need for hierarchy and purpose. Women have a purpose: to bare and raise children. That has been a woman’s job for most of human existence. Denying that basic idea is not embracing tradition, hierarchy or the demographic problem. If that is offensive to you as a woman, sorry you were never truly on our side.

This is by no means an article that is about hating women. It is about understanding them within the context of politics. Most, if not all women do not belong in anything political. They need to be focused on the single most important job any of us can have, to bare and care for the next generation.  For if politics is war without bloodshed, I refuse to put women in the line of fire.

2 thoughts on “The WQ

  1. Maybe you are missing the point entirely. Small minded people such as yourself need nothing more than real emotion. A woman made you. There is no mutual respect in any of the words above. I deplore this attitude and WordPress for suggesting I follow you.


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