Post Self

I’ve always had a soft spot for Godflesh. Since I first discovered their album Streetcleaner, my eyes were opened to the possibilities of mixing industrial with metal beyond what lame acts like Ministry were doing. I still feel as though Streetcleaner is their magnum opus but they’ve continued to release worthwhile albums in the decades since, and Post Self is no different.

These guys have become masters of working with a very minimalist and simple base and expanding it to be very full. “Mirror of Finite Light” is a perfect example of this. It’s built around a very simple guitar riff. The drums behind it are very subtle, and there are very distorted vocals in the background chanting in time with it. The riff slightly changes as the song progresses, but retains the same backbone. Yet this track is never boring. You can fully grasp their fleshed out idea with very simple execution.

I guess that’s why I’m such a sucker for these veterans. I’ve always believed in the worth of brevity and the KISS method (keep it simple, stupid). Not every track needs a guitar solo, and not every track needs to be overly complicated. If you can effectively convey your message with very little, I think it speaks volumes to your ability as an artist.

Every track follows that same basic formula: simple riff, subtle drumming, but a very full, fleshed out sound. Yet you’re never bored listening to this album; or at least I wasn’t. If you’re sensibilities aren’t trained for industrial influence you might be waiting for a breakdown in these songs, but there isn’t one coming. There doesn’t need to be one. That’s why I appreciate these guys so much.

Post Self is a very rewarding slab of industrial metal and a worthy addition to the Godflesh pantheon. It’s been a pretty abysmal year for new metal, with only a few releases that I’ve covered previously on this blog. So many newer bands seem to have identity crises and can’t figure out who they are. Older bands come back after mistake albums to reclaim their past glory and fall on their face. In the wake of all that, it’s refreshing to have a band like Godflesh who never lost sight of who they are and continue to release the same quality material they always have.

I give Post Self a 4/5.

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