In the modern west our ultimate virtue is individualism. We worship anything that is material and meaningless. The more plastic, hollow, and disposable the better. If something requires our attention and time, well, that can fuck right off. If that something happens to be a personal relationship, oh buddy, we’ll just use each other until both parties are foaming at the mouth with hatred.

So here in the west our goal is to have no children. I mean, holy shit. Could you imagine creating a life-long bond with another person? Why would you ever need a loving family?

We in the west aren’t people. We are economic units. Interchangeable cogs in the corporatist’s machine. So we march forward consuming and consuming. Chasing meaning in meaningless pursuits. We ignore the need to create or to have a purpose in our lives. While we are young we believe consumption is our purpose. In fact we are taught this very concept from birth.

The idealized parental version of your pre-parental self is “I’ll get my kid everything they want.”  What does that mean? It means that you’ll get everything from the Wal-Mart self. Why do we do that? Because our parents did that and so did theirs.

As we age we strive to be able to buy everything for ourselves. We foolishly seek to become rich most of our lives. We work 50, 60, and longer weeks. Ignoring our loved ones at home. Forgetting what it was to be around them for more than 2 hours. We lose our relationships to a sea of dishes, laundry, and overtime.

Even if we become parents, bypassing all the propaganda aimed directly at us, we still waste our children’s youth at the office. We tell ourselves “He really wants that new game,” when all he needed was an hour of reading his favorite book. Children escape the program for awhile, but the infectious disease of consumerism and individualism always devours their tiny souls.

We hate our communities. Just ask us. No one likes their home town. We hate our communities and our communities hate us. There is no cohesion in any town or city. Neighbors do not know each other’s names.

Increasingly, we don’t even know what a western name is. We have supplanted the need for child baring by bringing in foreign people. Remember childlessness is the ultimate goal. You are a better individual that way. You can consume more for yourself without a child in the west.

The scourge of individualism will kill the west. We will consume, import, export, and demographically annihilate ourselves, because we are hollow, cultureless, drones awaiting purpose and duty.

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