Nightmare Logic

Thrash is a dead and rotting genre. Very occasionally I’ll find a modern thrash act like Vektor who completely blow me away with a wholly unique take on it and awe-inspiring technical virtuosity. Just listen to their last album Terminal Redux if you don’t believe me. Vektor is the exception to the rule, though. 99% of all modern thrash bands are garbage, and they all fade into obscurity after a couple albums. Power Trip, however, are the ones getting a major push by metal media with their latest album Nightmare Logic.

This push is, of course, unwarranted. There’s nothing on this album at all that hasn’t been done better by a band from 30 years ago. The riffs are fine enough, but it’s all ground that’s been previously tread and more competently. The drums are serviceable but don’t exceed past that. Musically I can’t really fault the talent on display here, but I can fault their evident lack of original ideas.

I’m shitting on this album a lot because I just don’t understand all the incessant hype it’s been receiving but it’s honestly not all that bad. “Firing Squad” has a really sick main riff and a good solo ripped straight from Slayer and Jeff Hanneman. The eponymous track is undoubtedly the strongest one on display here. That main verse riff is infectious and a pretty good love letter to Dark Angel.

All in all this isn’t a bad album by any means. I inevitably had to review it after seeing all the praise it’s gotten, and it’s definitely a fun listen, but ranking it in the top 10 metal albums all year? Ehhhhh. It’s been a bad year for metal but not that bad. My perception of the group may have been biased a bit after seeing them getting destroyed by Gavin McInnes of all people on Twitter, but that’s neither here nor there.

So would I recommend Nightmare Logic? No, not at all. It’s a fun enough album, sure, but there was so much better thrash released 30 years ago that it’s not especially worth listening to. Just listen to Slayer, honestly. Hell, if you still want something more modern I can’t recommend enough the previously mentioned Vektor. There’s a ridiculously strong thrash band who didn’t get caught on the meme reviewer train like Power Trip undeservedly have.

Nightmare Logic gets a very below average 2.5/5 from me.

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