Indifference is Killing Democracy?

It has become a trope to say that democracy is under attack, or to say that something is the greatest attack on our democracy. This has become the favorite attack of many leftist journals with the rise of Donald Trump and during the George W. Bush years. At this point it is becoming goofy and meaningless.  Democracy seems to always be under attack when Republicans win elections. In fact the last two Republican presidents were not elected by the popular vote, but through the electoral college. So on the surface, these two elections certainly were endangering democracy.

So when I ran into another article about the threats to democracy, I had write about it. According to E.J. Dionne Jr. it is our indifference to it.

But the greatest threat to democracy may be our own indifference.

Democracy properly encourages open-mindedness. But are we so open-minded that we are not willing to say, unequivocally, that a system providing for free speech, freedom of conscience, a free media, freedom of religion, and genuinely free elections is both morally and practically better than alternative systems? Are we so concerned about our tendency to deify our own culture and our own traditions, are we so turned off by the invocation of democracy in defense of wars we might have opposed, that we are unwilling to assert that democracy is worth defending across cultures and nations?

Washington Post

The real question should be instead, “Why are people indifferent to Democracy?”, or rather indifferent to voting. In the West, we have experienced an unprecedented level of immigration from non-white cultures that have come to rent seek off of the native white populace. So you have foreign groups infiltrating a country and having no interest in the country’s future. So they don’t vote or care to. Then you have the native whites that are never given a chance to vote on their replacement and are increasingly aware of this fact. So of course they don’t want to vote for idiots who aren’t helping.

I actually agree with this article; our indifference will destroy democracy, but it goes much deeper than that. When our government wants to change anything it is never anything meaningful. No one involved in politics, other than politicians and the completely oblivious, cares about the marginal tax rate. Amazingly that’s all we’ve heard from our government. In fact it is the only thing this administration has been able to successfully implement.

The multi-ethnic nature of western nations creates indifference towards peaceful political co-existence. Our indifference to democracy is due to our government’s failure to its people. Whites hate it because it failed us and non-whites hate it, because they didn’t make it.

Yet somehow, the Washington Post seems to think that white people can’t have their rights taken away.

We know that in its liberal form, democracy must at times resist popular sovereignty — a majority of the people cannot vote away their own rights or anyone else’s.

Washington Post

I am not sure if they realize that whites have lost a ton of rights in their own country. Which was done in a democracy. You have no rights that cannot be usurped by a majority group. This is laughable.

Anyways there is no good outcome to democracy. In fact it prevents right wing politicians from getting into power. There is no reason for the right to defend democracy. In fact democracy is antithetical to our beliefs.

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