Is Violence Inevitable?

I have been working on spreading race realism as much as possible this year. I have even began to talk to people at my job about it. I usually begin with something innocuous like a joke or something to make sure they won’t report me to HR. I haven’t failed so far in my quest to enlighten the normies around me. Usually the younger white men are the easiest to bring over to our side of things.

The hardest part isn’t really convincing people of these ideas, but it is to get them to be supportive of the ideas. I personally have run into two types of arguments against being active in someway in racial politics and they go like this: “Isn’t that going to end up in a violent situation?” or “I am afraid I’ll lose my job (or insert social capital here)”. To them this is justification to be blissful and waste time as our people are condemned to extinction.

This is contemptible and makes me want to scream at these people, but most of the time you can convince them to at least work on convincing others or to donate by going through some explanations.

When interacting with the argument that racial realism is going end to in violence, I like to remind the person or people in general that our current system will end in violence. To truly understand the race question you recognize this. Just take a look at the inter-racial crime, think about all of the affirmative action hires at your job, and what about all of the tax money being plucked from your pocket to give welfare to non-whites. Do you honestly think that current system is good? Do you think that these groups of people are going to stop pushing for things that benefits them? No. Then you realize it’s not going to stop.

To the “Muh social capital”, look, whites have lost their countries, job prospects (see affirmative action), religion, and much more. When you speak up for nationalist ideas you lose friends and job opportunities, but you find more friends and job opportunities. Who knows, maybe your boss agrees with you. Maybe you were working for an anti-white piece of trash. Speak up and you find out.

Things for whites are going to get worse. The multi-racial and multi-cultural society that has been built up in our countries will destroy us and our way of life. There is no way to avoid violence in the current situation. If whites are silent about their situation we will be destroyed and attacked. If whites speak up we will be attacked. There really is no situation that ends well for us. You have nothing to lose by standing up and saying “Whites deserve a homeland.”


** I am not advocating for violence of any kind.**

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