The Exploitation of Identity-less Males in Modern Music

Have you ever listened to a song or album and just thought, “Wow, I bet that dude’s dad beat him?”


Then you have either been off the grid listening to nothing but Baroque era classics or you’ve been enjoying the turds of creative garbage that have been cut from the music industry’s anus. If you’re the latter, re-examine your life. Surely, you’ve fucked up. I cannot think of anything more insufferable than the people who truly enjoy the utter trash being pushed onto us.

Just looking through metal in general, the musicians suck. Everything new is a rehash of older styles or is an insult to the genre. The depth of lyrical content has waned into gore porn for the most part; thanks Cannibal Corpse. Everything released as metal or as radio rock or whatever they want to call the shit,  is uncreative and says nothing.

If you look around your local record store all you’ll find are albums covered in artwork that is neither artistic nor shocking. Seriously, gore covers have been over done and the Halloween aspects have been covered. Usually, album artwork doesn’t mean much. In the case of modern metal it means a ton. It highlights the laziness and staleness within the genre. The main cause of which is the lack of identity in the Western male. We have no idea who or what we are supposed to be. So these bands and music producers exploit it to the best degree possible.

When you consider the music it gets worse. I cannot find an album that doesn’t either use breakdowns/bridges as a sort of climax to their songs. Songs don’t need that shit at all to be good. Sure there are bands that have done a good job with it, but for the most part it is best to be avoided. This is the type of shit that appeals to the skinny nerdy guy who is scared to speak up, but needs some outlet for their anger. So these bands exploit that need and cultivate it. That breakdown/bridge is the release these types seek. I don’t have the data to back up this claim but I’m pretty sure that albums like these reduce testosterone in these men.

If the band doesn’t do all the bullshit mentioned above, they’ll use other means to cash in on identity-less male youths. The second most egregious is the “Musically talented” drivel. In an attempt to seem intelligent and to make their listeners feel intelligent, bands will allow their guitarist to write the most ridiculous riffs possible. This gives the listener that holier than thou feeling of my music is more complex than yours. Giving refuge to guys who feel left behind by society at large. Again boiling down to an exploitation of the identity-less western male.

While there are more examples of this phenomena in metal these two are the ones that piss me off the most and highlight the exploitation of the western man’s identity-less-ness. The worst part about  the music industry has become an assembly line for this kind of drivel. In the most retarded of ways metal is bad not because of its lack of talent or selling out. Simply, because its fandom has lost their identity and bands are trying to sell to these soul-less dregs. Creating a never ending spiral to depression and despair.

If we are to even reclaim a viable metal culture at all we have to purge the fags that cling to the worst parts of the genre. Furthermore we have to find the Western man’s identity again. No more false identity in things that only want money.

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