Religion Will Save The West

The assumption that the West is in decline and on a pathway to absolute destruction is a forgone one at this point. Everyone on the right has come to this conclusion. Some have seen it culturally, economically, or racially. The decline of western civilization happens to be the one thing we all agree on.

The point of division on the right is the how and why. These two questions encompass a wide array of things from economics to racial issues. The realization that race is the crux of the issue tends to push the republican right away and brings forth the more radical right.

The West is more than a geographical point on a map. The West is a people and a way of life. This makes the answers to the two aforementioned questions explicitly racial. The cause of the decline in the West is due to a decline in European people’s population and in their morale.

If we are fighting for our people, doesn’t it make sense to have a uniting factor? A sort of cultural and racial immune system to attacks on us. I mean it is all good to be proud of our Whiteness and the achievements of our ancestors. There has to be more than that. Religion provides that in a way that is irreplaceable.

The problems that unite the right are easily fixed through the unification that religion provides. Through faith we are united. I am not even saying Christianity or any religion in particular. Having a common mythos of sorts makes for a strong culture and people. Which lays the foundation for a strong society.

The example that comes to mind is the Jewish people. Think about the way they view themselves. They are Jewish people which is religious and ethnic in its implications. When you say someone is Jewish it is hard to even discern the difference between ethnic or religious. Actually most of the time they are both unless you’re Ivanka Trump. This type of people hood is what we are striving for in European people.

While many of the so called Alt-Right leaders attack Christianity, there is no replacement for it. I don’t care if you’ve read Nietzsche in the original German or not. His critiques are valid in that Christianity gives way to liberal thought. Cleansing Christianity of those aspects is a much easier goal than reconstructing a religion anew.

Just so you don’t mention it, Paganism is LARPy and gay. No one takes it serious and it is a dead religion. European nations are steeped in Christian traditions. Even if you are not a Christian in a European nation you celebrate Christian traditions. There is no reason to try to remove that from our people. Instead of sperging out over Christianity, why not work to fix its flaws?

There are many problems with the current incarnation of Christianity in the west. None of those problems are fatal. Unless we allow them to be. This assumption is stupid. If we are to scrap Christianity just because it has been tainted. Should we then scrap Pro-White policies, because there are whites that race mix? No. We have a lot of work to do to save ourselves and turning our backs to God is the fastest way to lose this one.

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