Gay Questions Answered

Since everyone is doing it, I figured I’d join in and answer Sargon of Akkad’s 8 questions for the Alt-Right. I am not sure if I would peg myself as an Alt-Righter, but I feel tangentially involved with it. I won’t give the stupid sperg answers that Sargon is fishing for.

I’m not sure what the point of this survey is, but it feels disingenuous. Why else would he ask these complex questions as yes or no questions? These questions are meant to be “got ya” questions in a survey that he is using to gear up for something odious.

1. Are Jews oppressing White people?

I guess it depends on what you consider oppression. In the literal oppressive dictator who prevents you from conducting normal everyday things sense, not really. There isn’t any individual Jew or multiple Jews ruling over whites with an iron fist.

Do Jews occupy positions of power? Yes.

Do they use those positions to further their own ethnic interests at the detriment to white people? Yes.

Are the Jewish led organizations of the ADL and SPLC censoring pro-white views? Yes.

Depending on what Sargon is looking for here it can be either be yes or no. Hopefully he clears this part up.

2. Should interracial couples be separated?

No, the whole point of white racial politics is that the vast majority of whites don’t do this. Frankly, the people among our race that do mix are probably not the best. So we’ll leave them to their own devices and they’ll suffer all on their own.

The other point to this is that when left alone whites will naturally choose other whites. In the current state of affairs whites are flooded with propaganda to race mix and only do at a rate of 11%. Now I understand that this is among marriages, but it is still very low. Given the other policies that would be enacted by the Alt-Right such as immigration restrictions and the like there would be a much smaller chance of this happening.

I came to these ideas, because I see that white people, and only white people, are being coerced into breeding themselves out of existence through state power. If those policies are removed, there is no need to create laws to achieve “racial purity.” Racial separation is the normal state of affairs. It didn’t require a state to create racial groups and it doesn’t require one to preserve them. It does however require state power to abolish them and that’s where I have an issue.

3. Should the government prevent people from leaving a country to preserve the race?

No, the whole thing is to allow people to live with whom they please. Not to impose on them who they have to live with as current western governments do through immigration.

I’ll state it again, because it is the whole premise of racial politics; racial groups need not be preserved by the state, because they were not created by the state. Only the power of the state can remove the natural in group preferences of racial groups. This is the premise on which we have issue. We are not trying to create some dictatorship in which one person decides who is white and who isn’t. We are trying to alleviate the already oppressive regimen of forced integration. So if some white person feels the urge to go to Brazil more power to them.

4. Should the government control education?

They already do. There is no reason and logic taught in schools as it is. School has become a propaganda arm not an educational institution. If government requires education to have curriculum based on actual critical thinking, then yes. However, I don’t think that a government can truly do this. So my short answer is no.

5. Should the state control the media?

No, but it should be regulated. There is no reason for a media apparatus to spread lies and false narratives. The media should be held to account for spreading lies. In the west it is far too easy for these people to lie. Libel laws should be expanded further. The media is supposed to be the fourth estate in a society. Lying undermines this and is profoundly negative.

6. Should the state control economy?

No, but the economy should be regulated in a way that helps the citizens and countrymen.

7. Do the decisions of individual white people matter to the Alt-Right’s goals?

No they don’t. The entire point of the Alt-Right is to shift culture and politics. Through this we can shape behaviors through cultural changes. Through that the majority of white people will act in accordance with cultural norms. Others will be shunned.

8. Should women have a role in public life?

No, check out my answer here.

Well, there you have it. My answers to this annoying survey. If you haven’t watched and or taken the survey, please do.

8 Questions for the Alt-Right

Now that we’ve seen the stupid yelling match between Sargon and Richard Spencer, we now know that Sargon is being disingenuous in his attacks on the Alt-Right. Not that I or anyone else expected the Skeptic community to really want to understand an opposing view point.

To me the saddest part of Sargon’s understanding, or maybe the failure on the Alt-Right to convey, is that creating an ethno-State is non-violent and does not require a tyrannical leader to create.

If we are talking about creating an ethno-state in America, the governmental structure is already there to do most of what we want to achieve. The last time I checked whites were the majority in the majority of states as shown in the 2012 census. This can be done through democratic processes by taking states over with people who agree with us. Time however is not on our side; whites are being displaced at a feverish pace. We do have to act quickly.

Secession is not off of the table either. That doesn’t have to be violent. California has tried and there still is a movement for it in Texas. If whites were to move to a few states and be 90 plus percent of the population, then make state and local level laws to keep it that way, I am sure others would follow. This would form a balkanization of sorts, but by no means does it have to be a violent or tyrannical one.

Referring back to the map, this can be achieved through swift electoral victories in white majority states. If these states all vote in candidates that are /ourguys/ so to speak, we can change the tide. This however is unlikely, because white in group preference has been so viciously attacked.

I understand that people have this notion in their heads that this has to be violent, but it doesn’t. The only stipulation to that is when you start to suppress these feelings among the population. Censoring pro-white feelings will lead us all in a nasty direction of racial conflict that no one wants. The whole point of pro-white ideas is to avoid violence.

White are already having aggression committed against them. We bear the heaviest tax burden, are openly discriminated against, and we are not allowed to celebrate the traditions of our forefathers without being shamed. Whites as a global minority are in a tough spot; denying that is retarded.

Every peoples on the planet deserve a homeland as that is the most peaceful way of existing. In fact that is how humans have existed for millennia. To take that away from one group is an act of genocide. Those who advocate for white people are doing so to achieve peace, nothing else.

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