The Pop-Punk Genre: Channeling Whites Into Depression

Recently, I have been listening to a lot more Pop-Punk bands be it passively from others around me, or because InherentJest puts them up. Generally, I am not a fan of this genre at all, but recently I have started to give a few bands a chance. When depressed and drinking, they are good. After a good bit of listening and digesting some of the lyrics and musicality, you really get a picture of despair and ruin.

As a generation the Millennial is one of mental illness. Most frequently of which is depression. According to a recent survey, a whooping 20% of Millennials experience clinical depression.  The causes of which are multiple, but best outlined in the excerpt below.

  • The Great Recession and coping skills. Part of the problem lies with the Great Recession, which struck in 2008—right about the time that the millennial generation started entering the workforce. A disproportionate number of millennials wound up unemployed, and as we know, prolonged unemployment and depression go hand-in-hand. Without the proper coping skills to handle this unemployment, millennials continue to suffer from that initial lack of employment opportunities.


  • Schooling and competence. Most millennials were pressured to pursue higher education, with parents demanding good grades and a college degree—only to find out that a college degree and good grades don’t necessarily equip you with the skills or experience you need to find a job. This mismatch has led many to a sense of disillusionment.


  • A focus on purpose. According to a Gallup poll, millennials would prefer to be in a workplace that gives them a sense of purpose, rather than a workplace that pays them more. Purpose-driven millennials who find little to no meaning in their work are therefore more likely to exhibit signs of dissatisfaction and, in some cases, depression.

Going through all three of these points would definitely make for a long read. I’m not sure that it would be a good one, but these points are good for the analysis of some these lyrics. Suffice it to that if we had a homogeneous racial culture Pop Punk would not exist.

The best example of what I mean by this is the song “The Midwestern States” by The Menzingers from the Album After the Party.

I hope this isn’t a burden
Thanks for having us over
We could sleep on the couch
We could sleep on the floor
We would leave before you even noticed we were here
Even notice us at all

Been having problems with our landlord
He said he’s taking us both to court
She got her hours slashed
And my unemployment’s drying up fast
We both got worthless diplomas from worthless universities
Two bachelors in worthless studies
But at least it made our parents happy
And cost a whole lot of money

The lyrics above channels all three of the points of depression in millennials. The longing for purpose, the forcing them into university, and the lack of cash. Particularly when you consider the general feelings of the overall discrimination that white men feel such as James Damore.

In fact this song in particular goes further than that. It also highlights the boredom experienced by whites in the suburbs. As illustrated below.

But I know somewhere in Chicago where we can stay for a little
I hope this isn’t a burden
Thanks for having us over
Most nights we always fall asleep with something dumb on Netflix
Some nights trash reality or kids cartoons or shitty documentaries
Not perfect but we’re good together
Yeah, me, you, and our bad tattoos
Yeah, all our stick and pokes, all our inside jokes
We’ll regret them when we’re dead and sober
But we’re still breathing and the party ain’t over
You said LA’s only two days if we drive straight
Denver if we get tired
Said you didn’t mind stopping just as long as we got out of the midwest states
You said LA’s only two days if we drive straight
Denver if we get tired

As we are pushed out of major cities into sparsely populated suburbs we lose ties to the cities that our grandparents enjoyed. Then we long for that meaning. More than that we are taught to hate ourselves and those around us.

You by now get the point. These bands take advantage of our woes to sell albums. The most disgusting part about it is that the majority of these bands are retarded leftists. They realize the problems that we face, but push further for our displacement and the destruction of our societies.


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