Jordan disappoints

Personally, I have enjoyed Jordan B Peterson’s work and I imagine I still will. As a professor, he has lead an inquisition against the Leftist garbage in our universities. Which is refreshing. This makes crictism hard for me, but Dr. Peterson has decided to attack the Alt-Right in a series of tweets. The age old … More Jordan disappoints

The Dusk In Us

I’ve been dying to write about this album since it was teased back in July. After the release of their EP I reviewed back in July (here) my hype for this album began. It was just a phenomenal release after 5 years of near radio silence from Converge, so I just knew there was no … More The Dusk In Us

Kong Vinter

Well, we finally made it; the last day of Nothing But Black Metal November. I have never been so relieved to write a review. After this is through, I think I’ll have to take a solid couple of months break away from black metal. So I hope you enjoyed this month’s content, as I won’t … More Kong Vinter

Go Be Forgotten

We’re at the final stretch of Nothing but Black Metal November. It’s been a rough time doing this for you guys, and I probably won’t listen to black metal for a long, long time after this, but finding all this new music and revisiting old classics has been pretty rewarding. I hope my torture this … More Go Be Forgotten